2019 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Finances, and Trends: A First Look at Brand new Research

There’s a lot to love in the results from our newest B2B content marketing and advertising research.

An audience-first mindset. Focus on trust. Storytelling as being a nurturing tool.

Take a look at dig in to the just-released B2B Content Advertising 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends— North America report, made by MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Company, starting with the stat that was out the most for me:

Among top-performing B2B content entrepreneurs, 90% say they put their audience’s informational needs ahead of their industry‚Äôs sales/promotional message, compared with just 56% who say so among minimum successful content marketers.

This is the ninth (! ) year we’ve conducted this B2B research, which is among the most cited within the topic of B2B content. As well as the 2019 report is both larger and packed with more data than ever before.

This year’s report, sponsored by Conductor, offers a ton of insights into just how organizations can vastly improve their B2B content marketing. We’ve also produced an important change to our methodology* to provide us a more experienced sample associated with practicing content marketers.

To nurture their viewers, B2B content marketers are using mainly email (87%) and providing academic content (77%) to the audience. Plus 45% are relying “storytelling/relating towards the audience” to nurture that market.


That will last finding is key. Because growing an audience requires us in order to dig deep to understand who they will really are— to be truly interested in them.

Plus, along those lines, many of us are missing out on additional opportunities to engage. Just 23% people are using community building/audience participation to create more/new voices to the table. Yet doing that is also key.

I speak to this particular all the time on stage and in my own function. Here’s the deal: When we speak with our own customers with empathy, as their colleagues, we develop not just camaraderie yet actual insight. They are no longer just “target markets, ” “personas, ” or even “segments. ” They become true to us, and we understand their own problems better— and that can help all of us to better engage with and nurture the audiences.

Let’s take a look at some more numbers. These are just a couple of selected stats from B2B Content material Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets plus Trends— North America:

  • Changes to SEO/search algorithms could be the top content marketing issue worth addressing to organizations (61%), followed by adjustments in social medialgorithms (45%), plus content marketing as a revenue middle (41%).
  • 96% of the very successful content marketers agree that will their organizations have built trustworthiness and trust with their audience.
  • Well-researched personas can help groups create successful content; however , just 42% of content marketers are in fact talking with customers to understand their own needs.
  • Content creation could be the area of content marketing where there continues to be the most reported increase in spending during the last 12 months (56%).

And here are some additional shows and charts from this year’s B2B content material marketing report .

Commitment to Articles Marketing

The annual content marketing analysis consistently finds that a strong dedication to content marketing often produces a higher level of content marketing achievement. This year is no different: 93% of the very most successful B2B content marketers state their organization is extremely or quite committed to content marketing.


Content Online marketing strategy

One of the most successful content marketers are far much more likely than their less successful colleagues to have a documented content marketing strategy: 65% vs . 14%. And that’s understandable, thinking about the many benefits of a documented strategy:


Content material Marketing Technologies

The Top 3 technologies B2B marketers use to assist with managing their particular content marketing efforts are social media marketing publishing/analytics, email marketing software, and analytics tools:


Audience Research

Sales team feedback, site analytics, and keyword research would be the top three techniques B2B content material marketers use to research their target audience:


Content Creation Best-Practices

How the most successful B2B content marketers approach content creation can be telling. They are tantamount to best-practices; at their core, they are audience-centric:


Content Marketing Budgets and Investing

In the earlier 12 months, B2B content marketers increased spending on content creation more so than on other areas, including staffing and content distribution:


Content Marketing Metrics: Profits on return

Completely 72% of the most successful B2B articles marketers report their organization actions content marketing ROI:


Check Out the Complete Report:

2019 B2B Content Advertising Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends : North America
through MarketingProfs

*This year, we questioned respondents to confirm that their business has been using content marketing with regard to at least one year. We also skilled respondents based on whether they are an articles marketer, someone involved with content advertising, or someone to whom content marketing and advertising staff reports. The result was a lot more relevant sample of practicing articles marketers— and more robust insights.

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