6 Ways to Increase Revenue With E-mail Personalization

The growing use of marketing technology has introduced a sea change to client experience and expectations. Nowadays, customers expect personalized content and solutions as part of their purchasing experience.

Brands that employ individuals strategies are increasing revenue between through 6% and 10% , based on research by the Boston Consulting Team.

Although the rise associated with omnichannel marketing means brands have to target content and offers across all of the customer touchpoints, email is still one of the most widely used channel for delivering the individualized experience .

Along with the median ROI of 122% , email marketing is a cost-effective way to speak with your audience, nurture leads, plus drive conversions.

The newest marketing technologies have breathed brand new life into email marketing. Marketers are now able to collect, analyze, and apply information from a large amount of customer data, and so they use AI to target content plus test subject lines.

Here are some of the latest email marketing strategies that harness the power of customization to build better relationships with customers and drive more sales.

1 . Advanced Segmentation

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