B2B Email Newsletters: Format, Length, plus Frequency Trends

What is the most popular B2B email e-newsletter format? How many messages do online marketers send each month? Whom do ezines come from? How long are they?

To find out, Find A Way Media examined 78 marketing email notifications sent by B2B companies that will operate in a range of different verticals. The researchers analyzed communications sent by the firms over a three-month period to determine format, length, tv-sender, and frequency trends.

The researchers identified four typical B2B newsletter formats:

  1. The Summarizer (emails that will packaged pieces the firm experienced published)
  2. The Hard Market (emails focused on product/service benefits)
  3. The Homepage (emails that will curated content from across the Internet and provided analysis/context)
  4. The Forwarder (emails that supplied no context and were merely generated when the firm published a brand new piece of content)

Some 69% of the messages analyzed fell into The Summarizer bucket, 18% into The Hard Sell, 8% in to the Homepage, and 5% into The Forwarder.

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