five Reasons to Attend Marketing Nation Peak

I am a Marketing Nation Summit veteran— this year will be the 5 th Summit— and maybe I say this particular every year, but it’ s DESIGNED FOR REAL this year— 2018 will probably be the best Summit yet! The marketing and advertising team at Marketo has come up with a lineup of sessions, amusement, and keynotes that are totally likely to give you FOMO (fear of lacking out) if you don’ t sign up for us.

If you’ re a newbie to Peak, think of it as the best holiday of the season— I look forward to Summit more than I actually do my own birthday or Thanksgiving. I usually walk away from Summit with brand new friends, new ideas, new guidelines, and new inspiration to take me personally and my company to the next degree.

Listed below are my top five reasons to attend Marketing and advertising Nation Summit.

Sessions For Everyone— and am mean EVERYONE!

Regardless of what type of company you work for or even what your role is, We guarantee there will be fantastic content to assist you to think bigger, bolder, and braver than ever before. As a Summit veteran, We don’ t think I’ ve ever seen as amazing of a selection of sessions as we have this year.

Here are some examples of what participants will get to see in just a few brief weeks (and this is by no means all them— we’ ve put together more than 100 sessions):

For the CMOs:

The best way to Move Marketing to the C-Suite, plus Stay There

Join Stephen Yeo, Mind of Marketing at Panasonic to get practical techniques and tactics which you can use to make marketing a “ C-suite” function and how to become a long-term, essential “ C” level member.

For Marketo power users:

Analytics That will Matter: Reports For Every Stage from the Funnel

Learn from Marketo Champions about the suitable metrics for each stage from the buyer’ s journey, what multi-touch plus first touch attribution mean, how Marketo uses attribution to tie marketing programs in order to revenue and pipeline, and how to begin leveraging the wealth of information in Marketo to improve your marketing RETURN ON INVESTMENT .

For healthcare marketers:

Creating a Content Marketing Powerhouse

Hear how Cleveland Clinic turned its infant weblog and three-person social media team into a 30 person content marketing department managing sites that will generate millions of visits per month plus bring measurable revenue into advertising.

For that financial services marketer:

Telling a much better Story with Data: BBH & Content Marketing Maturity

Get insights about how BBH, a financial services company, created a successful content marketing strategy that will combined the art of storytelling and also the science of data to identify doable insights.

Fearless Keynotes

Unless you’ ve been living under a rock, you’ ve probably heard our incredible keynote lineup for this year!

  • Lindsey Vonn: the particular world’ s most successful women skier. Vonn is a four-time Olympian who holds three Olympic medals.
  • Jamie Foxx : School and Grammy Award-winner. Foxx flower to fame as a comedian, ultimately transitioning to television and movie.
  • Jonathan Mildenhall: Previous Chief Marketing Officer of Airbnb. Mildenhall is one of the greatest brand online marketers of the last decade and brought transformation in the travel and food industry.
  • Bill McDermott: the main executive officer of SAP, the biggest business software company in the world.   He also has an incredible personal tale that he chronicles in Winners Dream: A Journey through Corner Store to Corner Workplace .
  • Diane Greene: CEO of Google Cloud. Greene leads one of the top cloud processing players. Greene will be on stage talking about the future of marketing.

FOMO-Filled Fearless Fun

With a theme like Fearless Marketing expert, you can only imagine what types of insane things you’ ll be able to try out. Here’ s a sneak look of what fearless activities you may see at #MKTGNation this year:

  • Awaken your feelings with San Francisco’ s most powerful coffee
  • Turn your own world upside in a photo presentation area
  • Swallow your concerns with edible bugs
  • Become a champion with a ski sim

Fellow Techies to Help You Build Out Your Ecosystem

Marketers these days are so busy— I am sure all of you can attest to this particular. There’ s always more applications to run, more to optimize, a lot more content to write, more EVERYTHING. And lots of times we don’ t possess the time to hear the latest best practices or even learn about new technologies . At this year’ s Summit, we’ re getting all of the greatest best practices and technology to one single place.

Here are a few innovation shows to check out:

Expo Hall plus LaunchPoint Lounge: come see the latest developments in the wonderful world of marketing technology and of course some amazing swag. Pro-tip: don’ t miss the particular Partner Theatre if you want to see the best innovation our partners are presenting this year.

Building a Business Case for Alteration Workshop: Have a look at a special 90-minute workshop by Marketo’ s business advisors on efficiently leading technological change in your firm.

Marketo Experience: obtain the first glance of Marketo’ s i9000 newest innovation— like the new UX! — or go in-depth using a product expert to ask any kind of question you’ d like.

Network with Thousands of Internet marketers

The Marketing Country is a special group to be a portion of, and it’ s only once per year when thousands of members of the Country come together: Summit. Join us in order to network with the most passionate, smart, powered, tech-savvy marketers in the world. There are so many methods for you to meet new people, geek out on new technology, dance with your new best friends, call at your idols on stage together, and more.

Are you attending our 2018 Marketing and advertising Nation Summit ? I’ m love to hear what sessions you’ re excited about in the comments!

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