four More Digital Marketing Strategies You should know for 2019

Digital marketing is certainly ever-changing as innovation creates brand new opportunities for marketers every day. Together with it, your strategy must modify and grow with technology to help keep ahead of your competitors. Trending digital advertising strategies keep marketers on their feet trying to innovate new and different methods to engage their audiences.

In this blog, we’ ll take stock of the electronic marketing landscape in 2018, talk about what’ s changed and what’ s new, and see where you needs to be investing your energy for 2019.

1 . Digital and Augmented Reality

Smart companies are leveraging mobile digital cameras to improve their customer experience. Via VR plus AR , you can improve brand name engagement and help with pre-purchase choices by bringing your products to our lives. By allowing customers to engage much more profound ways through immersive encounters, they are better equipped to find what exactly they are looking for and be delighted in doing this.

Consider Amazon, exactly who set up Oculus Rift VR booths around Prime Day, allowing buyers to experience a wide range of products from nerf guns to refrigerators as they might in physical reality. By strengthening potential buyers to literally picture on their own owning products and simulate this possible reality, VR preemptively addresses requirements and pain points, greatly improving the customer journey.

Whenever getting users to a specific bodily location isn’ t possible, increased reality can provide greater flexibility plus reach through integration with cellular apps. StubHub executed this genuinely, introducing an AR feature that will allowed fans to better understand the town and stadium ahead of this year’ s Super Bowl. Potential solution buyers could click to see a THREE DIMENSIONAL map of the stadium, parking, transportation lines, and more, making it easier to visualize themselves at the event.

By deploying virtual or increased reality strategically, you have an unique chance to supply consumers with the depth associated with pre-purchase information they crave, whilst minimizing the effort they must take to acquire it.

2 . Synthetic Intelligence

In the past, electronic marketers have been hesitant to incorporate artificial intelligence into their strategies. But since AI continues to prove itself helpful for simplifying data-based experiences and enhancing user experience, confidence in it has grown.

KLM has done an excellent job with this, creating a plug-in along with Messenger that streamlines everything from reservation to check-in and flight position updates. It’ s a win for both sides: travelers may access all their travel info through anywhere, and KLM can provide it to them without tying upward personnel.

Chatbots can also be valuable for facilitating pre-purchase decisions. For instance, Bing’ s Business Bot , which is embedded into search results, enables interested users to have basic queries answered by the businesses around all of them. If their query is not on the pre-configured list, the bot refers these to a phone number. The bot also requests business owners additional questions based on exactly what users are looking for, so that common demands can be answered faster in the future. Simply by refining responses to fit user requirements, artificial intelligence allows you to help customers better and faster over time.

3. Visual and Tone of voice Search

Search is certainly evolving beyond its text-only roots, meaning that visible and voice search deserve serious consideration now. Think about visual search as a sort of invert search, using images to find text-based info instead of the other way about. Google, Microsoft, and Pinterest have the ability to jumped into the fray, and it’ s only going to get bigger as time passes. Marketers can gain an edge right here by preparing tailor-made content to wait for potential customers after their image lookups, while also gaining even more information into their preferences.

Dominos Voice Search Example

Voice search also continues to grow for consumers to find more information without also having to lift a finger. Domino’ s has done well here, teaming up with Amazon Echo to allow customers order pizza hands-free. Enabling people to interact with you via tone of voice search makes their life simpler, and offers a chance to incorporate brand character and tone in the way you react. The dynamics of voice research also present a challenge for electronic marketers, who must figure out how to enhance for both humans and gadgets.

4. Vertical Movie

With the shift through desktop to mobile a consistent electronic marketing consideration, it should come because no surprise that mobile video advertisements continue to be hot. Savvy marketers are utilizing videos to both engage their own audiences in-app between tasks and social platforms.

What’ s new, however , is the motion towards more vertical video. Instagram’ s recent introduction of IGTV continues this trend, allowing customers to create long-form vertical videos. Whilst advertising is not available (yet) upon IGTV, its great place intended for brands to share their longer content material organically. The success of IGTV and other comparable platforms is worth keeping an eye on, as it might lead to a major shift in favor of vertical video clip. If this is the case, marketers will have to create horizontal and vertical property to reach their audience fully.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

These emerging digital marketing and advertising strategies make it easier to both achieve customers when and where they are ready to purchase and improve their experience post-purchase. Competing companies know that capitalizing on new types of content and technology will help all of them capture new audiences on new playing fields.

Therefore which of these hot new electronic marketing strategies do you plan on applying? Let me know in the comments below!

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