GDPR vs. CCPA: Data Privacy and US Marketers [Infographic]

In less than three months, “California’s GDPR”—the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)—will be come into effect.

How are those two data-privacy regulations—CCPA and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation—similar? How are they different? And do you need to comply with CCPA?

As in the case with GDPR, CCPA—which draws from the data-privacy standards set by GDPR—will apply to many US businesses, which will need to adhere to its various legal provisions.

An infographic by Termly, a provider of GDPR compliance software for websites and online businesses, offers a quick overview of the similarities and differences between the two sets of regulations, as well as the conditions for compliance. Check out the infographic, below, for the details.

(And for a more thorough presentation, check out this MarketingProfs article from 2018: “10 Steps Marketers Can Take to Prepare for ‘California’s GDPR’“)


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