Methods to Put the & #039; Function& #039; in Cross-Functional Teams [Infographic]

One of the buzzwords we frequently listen to in business is “siloed. ” The information team is siloed . The creative team is usually works on its own. Marketing and Sales avoid work together— they are siloed .

The term has a negative connotation— and for valid reason. Cross-functional teams tend to be more agile, plus nearly two-thirds of market cleverness experts believe that the roles associated with collecting and analyzing information is going to be integrated across parts of organizations, based on an infographic by the New Jersey Company of Technology .  

If your organization is considering how to help people work more cross-functionally, you’ll want to be sure any new applications are set up for success. According to the infographic, one researcher found that almost 75% of cross-functional teams are usually dysfunctional.

So how are you able to prevent that fate?

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