Whenever Clients Win, You Win: The worth in Building Relationships Over Customer Lists

Though companies loudly tout the  importance of transparency , ongoing  federal probes   display that clients— and the public— still  find it difficult to trust   advertising firms. The ongoing industry conversation regarding media transparency was shocked straight into life by the  Association of National Advertisers ‘ 58-page anonymously sourced 2016 report, detailing agencies’ widespread use of opaque business techniques such as kickbacks.

The report sent shockwaves through the advertising community, and our continued conversation is a testament to the pervasiveness of the transparency issue. We continuously see calls for “ radical transparency , ” and while many agencies now leverage it as a  competitive advantage , still many fall short.

So how can we move forward? The answer is simple however, not easy. If you want to gain clients’ trust, you can’ t view them as mere revenue streams. You need to build meaningful relationships grounded within transparency and spend money on helping them succeed long-term.

Four ways to build successful relationships

I’ mirielle all too familiar with agencies that get churn-and-burn approaches to clients. They go by means of dozens— even hundreds— of customers a year, and if things don’ big t work out, they simply move on. This method makes absolutely no sense to me.

Building meaningful client associations means determining how you can add worth to a client’ s business. The truth is, you won’ t be able to assist everyone win: Advertising doesn’ to come with a 100% success guarantee. Yet profiting from clients’ losses isn’ t a winning formula, either. Your own goals need to be aligned so that whenever clients win, you win.

Here are four key methods to help you build more meaningful interactions with your clients.

1 ) Deliver— and demand— ultra-transparency

Transparency is paramount in order to building trust. While you need to be completely transparent with your clients, it’ t equally important that they’ re completely transparent with you. There’ s an immediate correlation between the clients who are completely transparent with their numbers and targets and the ones we have the most success along with, because the ideas and recommendations we offer are only as valuable as the details they’ re based on. The more precise the information we have, the better the choices we make.

second . Prioritize face time

Technology has made it way too simple to communicate at a distance, but breaking breads in person with clients is much more valuable than you might think. Meeting all of them outside the day-to-day chaos of company not only helps you develop an actual a friendly relationship, but it can often lead to additional possibilities. Referrals have long been one of the most effective ways to gain better clients plus grow an agency:   65% of firms cite referrals because their primary source of business.   Therefore communicate with technology when necessary, yet sitting around a modern-day campfire along with your clients will encourage the kind of believe in and affinity that email, textual content, or Skype can’ t.

3. Add value very first

Advertising Hall associated with Famer  Lester Wunderman’ s information to never walk into a client meeting with out at least one new idea has normally guided me. Whether you’ lso are proposing a new idea, explaining a brand new opportunity, or providing some informative research— adding value  1st   (before you request anything in return) will constantly reassure clients that you were the best choice. The more value you add, the greater trust you earn, and the a lot more clients will reward you with their dedication and repeat business.

4. Reframe problems as possibilities

How you react within tricky situations can either add to or even detract from the trust you’ ve built with a client. Instead of becoming immobilized or making snap judgment phone calls, approach every challenge as an chance to uncover a creative solution. Handling a good obstacle with poise, ingenuity, plus professionalism will enhance your relationship. The more the challenge, the greater the opportunity for you to glow.

The ANA’ ersus report brought to light a pervasive industry problem, and many agencies continue to be fighting to resolve it. It’ h clear that those agencies that can construct and nurture meaningful relationships can come out on top. By being transparent, escaping from behind your desk, researching ways to deliver more value, and viewing problems as gifts, you’ lmost all put yourself on the path to long-term development and success.

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