Optimize Display Ads With Consumer Insights: Stats and Best-Practices [Infographic]

Marketers are investing heavily in display ad campaigns to drive brand awareness as well as sales. But ROI hinges on being able to personalize ads to the consumer, showing them the right ad at the right time to convert them to customers.

Today, more than half of all US digital ad spending goes to display, and 85% of that spend is programmatic. Marketers shifting greater percentages of their budget to display are under pressure to prove and improve the impact of that spend on revenue.

Winning in display—especially programmatic display—is all about data: The more accurate, complete, and actionable the data, the better the results of ad campaigns.

In today’s mobile-first world, without insights on consumer phone calls, marketing data is not complete. More and more consumers are using their smartphones to research purchases, and they are calling businesses by the billions to ask questions, schedule appointments, and place orders.

Their conversations provide rich intel on consumer intent, preferences, and value that marketers can leverage to optimize and personalize messaging and campaigns.

The following infographic from call tracking and analytics provider DialogTech presents important display ad stats and best-practices. It also explains how marketers can leverage first-party data derived from consumers’ phone calls—to target the right consumers with the right ads and more accurately prove display-campaign ROI. Check it out:

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