Sorry, Marketing, You Don't Own Sales Enablement

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I’ve always tried to be a B2B marketer whom salespeople love. My logic was simple: If the sales folks love me, I’ll never get fired.

The other day, when I bumped into Gary, who worked in Sales at one of my prior clients, he gave me the sound bite I always strive for: “I was always happy to see you walk in the door because I knew the leads would be coming in not too long after you left.”

As a sales-oriented marketer, you can’t ask for more than that.

To earn love from Sales, I’ve always focused on two things: lead generation and sales enablement.

The former, lead gen, is self-explanatory, but sales enablement is no longer what I once thought it was. It’s now Sales Enablement—with capital letters—and it’s a profession unto itself these days.

In fact, I just checked LinkedIn and found tens of thousands of people with “Sales Enablement” in their job titles.

Wait, isn’t this Marketing’s job?

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Ken Gaebler is CEO and founder of B2B tech marketing agency Walker Sands. He has developed B2B demand-gen programs for some of the largest tech companies in the world. Contact him at

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